Become a Member

WFBC is a great place to develop lifelong friendships and to make spiritually uplifting connections. It’s also an amazing place to grow as a follower of Jesus and to get involved in His work. We would be thrilled for you to consider becoming part of the West Florida Baptist Church family!
Below you will find information that will help you prepare to take this step of faith.
1. Contact the church office to schedule a meeting with a pastoral staff member to discuss membership.
Phone: (850) 623-8984
2. Agree with the WFBC Statement of Faith
3. Testify of a personal salvation experience and compliance with any one of the following conditions:
Baptism (immersion) as a true believer in Christ Jesus as personal Savior;
Letter of transfer from another Bible-believing church of like faith and practice, or other written statement of good standing from the prior church if the applicant has been baptized by immersion subsequent to a profession of faith; or
Testimony of faith, having been baptized by immersion.
4. Identify yourself as a new member of WFBC by selecting a day to be announced in a public church service (communicate with church staff).