Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

West Florida Baptist Church is committed to fulfilling our Lord's command to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world by supporting the work of faithful missionaries through prayer and financial giving. You can find information below about the missionaries we support, as well as our practice of Faith Promise Giving.

Active Missionaries

West Florida Baptist Church supports 66 missionaries on 6 continents. You can see their names below. Some missionaries are not listed for their protection.


Dan Brown - Madagascar
Noah & Tristan Wilkerson - Mozambique
Shaun & Christin Evans - Sierra Leone
Mark & Amy Coffey - South Africa
Jeremy & Rebekah Hall - South Africa
Lynette Osborn - South Africa
Brandon Snook - Togo


Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson - Asia & Middle East
Ken Lalman - China
Steve Harper - India
Karen Werth - Indonesia
Jesse Pilalas - Japan (Military)
Rob Oetman - Korea
Jason Ritchie - Mongolia
Daniel DeOme - Philippines
Carl Gomley - Philippines
Mark Palmani - Philippines
Michael Frederick - Thailand
Mitch Tillman - Thailand


John Allen - Papua-New-Guinea
Matt Allen - Papua-New-Guinea
Brett Hoffman - New Zeland


James Griggers - Austria
Jeff Christian - Belarus
Thomas Britten - England
Gary Craft - Germany (Military)
Rusty Pilalas - Germany (Military)
Ed Bissett - Northern Ireland

North America

John Harris - Belize
Jonathan & Elizabeth Shertzer - Belize
Maria White - Costa Rica
Joel Marsh -Guatemala
Fred Wall - Haiti
Jonathan Anderson - Mexico
Antonio Arellano - Mexico
Robert Arellano - Mexico
Ruben Murillo - Mexico
Charles Strong - Mexico
Matt Goins - Honduras (Team Honduras)
Nate & Cori Mortenson - Honduras (Team Honduras)
Mark Haynes  - Navajo Indians
Dr. David Gibbs Jr. & Christian Law Association (CLA) - United States
Jim Fellure - United States
Jason Kendrick - United States (Evangelism)
Bradley Edmondson & Medical Missions Outreach (MMO) - United States
National Center for Life & Liberty (NCLL) - United States
Billy Richburg - United States
Phil Schipper - United States (Evangelism)
David Turner & Gulf Coast Prison Ministries - United States
Victory Baptist Press - United States

South America

James Nash - Brazil
Rom Ribeiro - Brazil
Nathan Ring - Brazil
Mike Ring - Brazil
Nathan & Tara Beil - Chile
Michael Mullins - Chile
Aaron Vance - Columbia
Patrick & Teresa Pruett -Peru


For more information on our missions program or on how to apply for support, fill out the form below.